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Learn from Experience

Rahul Damania is a committed physician and an award winning teacher with 2000+ hours of Step I teaching experience.

Think Like the Test Maker

HyGuru's question based, integrated style of teaching promotes concept connections and clinical application of medical knowledge (as tested on the USMLE).

See It All

Mapped to the USMLE Step I content outline, no topic shall be left behind. What better way to jump into your USMLE countdown study time.

Get Motivated

Learn the study tips, time management, and discipline that will ensure success on Step I and beyond. Join the HYGuru community.

Total registration fees for NBME exams, then and now:


$645 (Step 1)
+ $645 (Step 2 CK)
+ $1300 (Step 2 CS)
+ $895 (Step 3)

📚 “Hyperfocus: How to Be More #Productive in a World of Distraction” 📚 great quote...

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