About HyGuru

HyGuru uses evidence-based educational techniques to prepare you in an integrative, active-recall manner for the USMLE.

About HyGuru

USMLE Lectures

HyGuru Lecture

HyGuru’s USMLE Educational Strategy Revealed

Woven into every one of our USMLE lectures are the following evidence-based educational tactics to maximize efficiency, retention, and critical thinking.

  1. ‘Mastery’ over ‘Fluency’ all day: Understanding is not mastering. This is called the ‘fluency illusion.’ Feeling good does not equal mastering the material.

  2. Active Recall & Elaboration: Stop rereading and, instead, test yourself. Straining to retrieve information solidifies memory more strongly.

  3. Spaced Repetition & Varied Practice: Learn a subject over time rather than cramming. Practice ‘interleaving’ by choosing ‘varied’ over ‘block’ question-types.

  4. Teach!: Be able to explain concepts in their simplest terms. It’s the fastest way to know what you don’t know

USMLE Test-Taking Strategy with HyGuru

  • Plan your study time using the HyGuru customizable study schedule
  • Learn how to approach questions, question blocks, multiple blocks and game-day test taking psychology
  • Learn the productivity and psychologic practices of the most successful people and apply them to all elements of USMLE Step 1 study

Yes, We Cover All The USMLE Content

It might feel like we jump around but rest assured, it’s deliberate.

  1. Integration of content is, by definition, non-linear and optimal for creating sophisticated mental schema

  2. We map our content to the USMLE to ensure we’re comprehensive in our coverage

  3. We deliberately create dysfluency in order to help you achieve mastery. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. It means you’re learning!

HyGuru's Teaching Philosophy Explained

Buzzwords and slogans like ‘integration, active-recall, and think-like-the-test-maker’ symbolize HyGuru’s deliberate, carefully considered teaching strategy.

Meet the Team

About the Teacher

Rahul Damania, fiery and infectious, taught his first USMLE course while still in medical school. A born teacher and motivator, Rahul continues to augment his educational portfolio through old-school hard work and an authentic pledge to his students’ success.

A practicing Pediatric Intensivist, Rahul recognizes that his credibility as an educator is forever rooted in an enduring willingness to listen and learn from his patients. Apart from making sure you get a good score, Rahul is committed to demonstrating the relevance of basic sciences to clinical medicine.

Rahul has taught his USMLE courses at 

About the Other Guy

David Shafran is a practicing pediatrician and co-founder of HyGuru. He was astounded to learn that a 22-year-old punk first year peds resident had already created and taught a USMLE Step I course. Yet further amazed was he when reviewing the actual content and its style of delivery. “Patients are integrated,” he reflected, “and so medical learning should be as well. This kid gets it!”

Dr. Shafran’s love for medicine and teaching is second only to his devotion to his wife and four exhausting children. He currently teaches clinically medical learners of all types and lectures regularly on every imaginable pediatric topic. He’s also a bioethicist, reads a ton, cooks well, and sings poorly.