About Us

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Rahul Damania is a committed physician and an award winning teacher with 2000+ hours of Step I teaching experience.


HyGuru’s question based, integrated style of teaching promotes concept connections and clinical application of medical knowledge (as tested on the USMLE).


Mapped to the USMLE Step I content outline, no topic shall be left behind. What better way to jump into your USMLE countdown study time.
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Learn the study tips, time management, and discipline that will ensure success on Step I and beyond. Join the HYGuru community.

Our Philosophy

HyGuru is an innovative medical education company founded by Drs. Rahul Damania and David Shafran, two physicians enamored with the complexities of the human body and who believe there is a more effective way to deliver medical information to all types of medical learners.


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About Company

Learning happens best with impassioned delivery, in small bites, question-based, and integrated across organ systems. When the exam room door closes, it is the years of dedicated study upon which patients rely and in which they trust. It is this immutable truth that continuously informs HyGuru’s mission and commitment to educating its students.

Meet the Team

Rahul dhamaia hyguru

About the Teacher

Rahul Damania, fiery and infectious, taught his first USMLE course while still in medical school. A born teacher and motivator, Rahul continues to augment his educational portfolio through old-school hard work and an authentic pledge to his students’ success.

Currently a PICU fellow at Emory, Rahul recognizes that his credibility as an educator is forever rooted in an enduring willingness to listen and learn from his patients; apart from making sure you get a good score, Rahul is committed to applying basic sciences to clinical medicine.

Rahul has taught his USMLE courses at northeast Ohio  

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About the Other Guy

David Shafran is a practicing pediatrician and co-founder of HyGuru. He was astounded to learn that a 22 year old punk first year peds resident had already created and taught a USMLE Step I course. Yet further amazed was he when reviewing the actual content and its style of delivery. “Patients are integrated,” he reflected, “and so medical learning should be as well. This kid gets it!”

Dr. Shafran’s love for medicine and teaching is second only to his devotion to his wife and three exhausting children. He currently teaches clinically medical learners of all types and lectures regularly on every imaginable pediatric topic. He’s also a bioethicist, reads a ton, cooks well, and sings poorly.